Our Principles

Jesus at the centre

We are a Christian organization that puts Christian values at the center of all we do. In imparting these values, we work together with local communities and Christian organizations.

Helping People to Help Themselves

In order not to create dependency, our approach is characterized by sustainability and is always geared towards developing the projects together with the local people in such a way that they lead to financial independence.

Focus on Children

Children are the weakest members of society and therefore particularly in need of help. We see the needs of the children, but also their potential. We want to accompany, support and make them strong on their journey through life so that they can provide for their families and use their skills to improve conditions in their country.

Learning from Each Other

We are convinced that not only one side profits from our projects but that each side can learn from the other. To this end, we regularly conduct trips to the area to promote mutual exchange, to develop projects together and to promote understanding of each other’s way of working and thinking and different lifestyles.