Saatgut für Waisenkinder

Es wird wieder Zeit, die Felder für die Aussaat vorzubereiten. Der steinharte Boden wird bearbeitet, damit die Saat durch den hoffentlich bald einsetzenden Regen aufgehen kann. Keine leichte Arbeit für die Dorfbewohner im Umkreis unserer Landoberschule. Mit Hilfe von Intermission

Current Projects in Brief

    Food 10. 01. 2021 In Zimbabwe is rainy season. It rains almost too much. Everyone hopes and prays that the rain will not destroy the seed. Thanks to the new lockdown, people are again barely able to provide

Menstruation Kits for Girls

At Chidzikwe Secondaryschool, the sewing machines are running hot! A new sewing project is underway: Advivia Zimbabwe has sewn the first hygiene aids for girls to use when menstruating. Fifty bags filled with homemade sanitary towels, washcloths, underpants and soap

It Takes Time…

  Organising food deliveries means investing a great deal of time. First of all, lists are made of the people who are to receive food. In Harare, the church parishes help to identify the most needy people. Only with the