It Takes Time…

  Organising food deliveries means investing a great deal of time. First of all, lists are made of the people who are to receive food. In Harare, the church parishes help to identify the most needy people. Only with the

Einreise nicht möglich

Nach der Zeit in Deutschland, wo Sarah neue Kontakte knüpfte, neue Planungen erstellte und Arbeiten mit gut funktionierendem Internet voran treiben konnte, plante sie demnächst wieder nach Simbabwe zu ziehen, weil sich die Covid 19 Erkrankungen reduziert hatten und die

Just before the Lockdown

On 20 March 2020, it was officially announced that the Covid-19 virus had reached Zimbabwe. The population is very worried about becoming sick and not being able to obtain enough food. Zimbabwe is a country without its own food production

Maize for Families

A food donation for 200 students and the team of teachers was generously financed by some donors. It took several attempts to be able to find enough food to be able to spend the €1,000. Mealy meal, the white maize