Our Aims

Each individual is precious and loved by God

Living with Dignity – Living with Perspective In the troubled country of Zimbabwe, this is not a matter of course and is reserved for only a few. Once considered the “granary of Africa” because of its thriving economy, fertile soils, and flourishing agriculture, in a short time Zimbabwe became one of the poorest countries in the world with one of the lowest life expectancies, due to mismanagement, corruption, and recurring crop failures due to devastating droughts. Children in particular suffer, as the unemployment rate of more than 90% means that there is often not enough money for them to attend school. Because of the great needs and lack of prospects, we, as a Christian charity, have made it our mission to actively provide assistance in Zimbabwe, especially to children in poverty, through support and aid to development. In addition to the acute assistance in times of crisis the focus is on “helping people to help themselves”, to provide people with incentives to be able to take care of themselves in the long term and not to become dependent. All this is about creating improved livelihoods. Every development unfolds through encounters between people and the direct exchange with local partners. Our team consists mainly of volunteers who are in regular contact with the people in Zimbabwe.
Advivia offers a way to help and assist