Special Fundraising Method

Is this familiar? People want to give you a present but you already have everything. What could you ask for as a gift?


What would be meaningful?

Perhaps there is a celebration coming up: birthday, wedding, baptism, anniversary or Christmas party. You don’t want to receive unnecessary gifts, but would like to support something really meaningful? At Advivia Zimbabwe there are projects where you can be sure to support something sustainable and to do good.

Idea no. 1: Place a suitable donation box or jar where your guests will see it and explain the idea to them.

They can deposit cash donations during the celebration. You then transfer the total amount to us (see below for account details).

Idea no. 2: Ask your guests to transfer donations to your private account.

If you don’t want to collect cash, you can ask your guests to send a transfer to your private bank account.
Once all amounts have been received, transfer the total amount to us (see account details below).

Idea no. 3: The guests themselves donate directly to the account of Advivia.

You ask your guests to make transfers directly to the donation account quoting a desired project keyword/donation purpose. You can receive a list of donors from our organisation’s treasurer.

Would you like a donation receipt for your guests?

For ideas 1 and 2: Create a donation list as a host and send it to the treasurer.

For idea 3: Each donor must provide their name and address when making the transfer so that a donation receipt can be issued.


If you have any questions, please contact our treasurer Martin Doering, who will be happy to help: martin.doering@advivia.org

Donations for the project in Zimbabwe can be transferred to the following account:

Account holder: Advivia gGmbH
IBAN:DE83 1005 0000 0190 7302 42
Reference: General or project keyword/area