About us

In February/March 2014, during a trip to Zimbabwe, Sarah Dilling met Alington Matsilele, headmaster of the Country High School “Chidzikwe Secondary School”. This contact led to a partnership to support and educate orphans and children in need. A development aid project developed, which was given a legal structure by Advivia gGmbH. Gradually, a highly motivated and competent team was formed in Germany and Zimbabwe. Sarah Dilling has been living in Harare since January 2020 to continue working there.  

The team members of both countries are faithful Christians from very different parishes. Each has, in his/her own way, the “Call of God” to work for the future of young people in Zimbabwe. We are on a path to meet the need in its different facets.              



       Team Germany introduces itself                    Team Zimbabwe introduces itself

We cannot find answers for everything, but our faith is unbroken that

God wants to improve things for the wonderful people of this African

country. In a very practical way, we want to see the good news of God’s love


A Bible verse from Galatians expresses this very aptly: 

Bear the burden of the other, and you will fulfill the law of Christ.