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Zimbabwe is a country of 400,000 km2 and currently has a population of about 16 million. It is located north of South Africa and has borders with Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana. The country was ruled until 2017 by Robert Mugabe, who had been in power since 1980. Emmerson Mnangagwa, a former aide to Mugabe, has been president since August 2018.

Long-standing mismanagement and corruption have made Zimbabwe one of the poorest countries in the world.

Although the need is very great and the help we can offer seems to be small, we have the vision of giving hope, alleviating hardship and making a lasting commitment to the country of Zimbabwe with its many children in need. We want to enable people there to have a better future.


The aim of our cooperative projects is to help people to help themselves. The projects are carried out in cooperation with our Zimbabwean partners. Every year, German teams travel to Zimbabwe to monitor developments. The focus of the work is in a rural area in the south of the country in the Masvingo area:


Projects include:

  • Access to water in rural areas
  • Electrification
  • Provision of learning materials for teaching in schools
  • Promoting Christian education
  • Making training courses available; read more on this under Training Centre


Bible Club in Schools 

The people of Zimbabwe are 85% Christians. However, since hardly any of them possess a Bibles, people do not know how to live the faith in everyday life. Scripture Union, an international Bible society, has   developed concepts for schools that teach students the faith very effectively.  
Scripture Union works with the street children in Masvingo. Many children have lost their parents to AIDS and no longer have a home. Scripture Union runs a house where the children have contact to the personnel, can have a shower and get something to eat. The work relies exclusively on donations.