Team Germany

The core team in Germany consists mainly of volunteers, all of them with a Christian background.



Director: Sarah Dilling 

Occupation: Agricultural scientist

When Sarah Dilling first travelled from South Africa to Zimbabwe in her early 20s in 2008, the economic crisis reached its peak in 2008/2009. Many people have been unable to look after themselves or have already fallen victim to the famine. Already when she crossed the border, when she encountered the overwhelming hardship and poverty in the archaic areas of Masvingo, she felt a warmth for the country and organized the first aid deliveries. Back in Germany, she deviated from her original plan to study sports science and studied agricultural sciences at Berlin’s Humboldt University.

It was clear to her that she wanted to work particularly for the future of young people in Zimbabwe. Over the years she built up a team and Advivia gGmbH was founded. After completing her studies, Sarah Dilling moved to Zimbabwe in January 2020 to further develop the development work.  




Deputy Director: Silke Flügge

Occupation: Educator and trained parent trainer

Silke Flügge has been working for the project since 2014 and developed a special heart for the children in need, especially orphans. She has been to Zimbabwe several times. With her “creative vein” she is particularly keen to promote the students in their development. Child protection is another topic that she wants to establish more strongly in our projects. Since January 2020, she has been the deputy leader in Germany. 




Employee: Beate Nagel

Occupation: Social worker

Beate Nagel has been closely associated with the country since 2012 and has travelled the country many times. Her focus is on prayer, contact and information work.




Finance: Martin Doering

Occupation: Self-employed in software development, training and consulting

Martin Doering was already in Zimbabwe in 2011 and has been volunteering in the field of finance ever since. He reliably manages the accounting and monitors donations, payments as well as the implementation of the requirements within the framework of the project management, but is also active, above all organizationally, in other areas of work.