Zimbabwe Education

The aim of   EDUCATION,including Christian education, is to enable children to have a bright future, to create stimulating learning conditions by building schools and to ensure the teaching of diverse learning content.  

Children can actively shape their future and improve the conditions in their country through education and vocational training. Education programmes are therefore a particular key to sustainable improvement in the country. Without education, crime is often inevitable. In many countries in southern Africa, including Zimbabwe, fees have to be paid for schooling. In addition, there are costs for teaching materials and a school uniform, without which school attendance is not allowed. Many families are unable to raise the sums incurred, so that the children have to work to finance their schooling. As a consequence, the children often have neither the time nor the strength left to attend school. Also the numerous orphans mostly unable to pay for schooling.   Advivia Zimbabwe   therefore not only supports the construction of schools, but also provides scholarships for children in need and the necessary materials, such as school uniforms.

As there is a shortage of secondary schools in Zimbabwe, we are concentrating on secondary schools in terms of aid.

Current Projects

Our educational programme includes:

  • construction and equipping of schools (construction of school buildings, equipping classrooms with furniture, electricity, blackboards and technical equipment)
  • promoting Christian values and sound Bible doctrine
  • scholarships for children in need, especially orphans, for school attendance, school uniforms and school materials
  • development of vocational training programmes (e.g. wood processing, masonry, agricultural cultivation) as a basis for a later income
Who   is supported?

Children who are most in need are selected by a body of school teachers, who are often most familiar with the conditions. They are orphans or children from very poor backgrounds. The precondition for receiving support is that a child attends school regularly and is determined and diligent.

Our Aims

Our vision is to provide practical educational content in schools to enable children and young people to acquire practical skills that will enable them to earn their living after they leave school.