Advivia Trust


Advivia Zimbabwe Community Development Trust

The work in Zimbabwe originally began with a personal initiative under the auspices of the Methodist Church “Kreuzkirche” in the Lankwitz area of Berlin, Germany. It quickly became clear that a form had to be found in which the various projects could be put on a solid foundation in terms of organization. In spring 2018, the “Advivia gGmbH” was founded in Germany by Ira Schelp, a member of the Kreuzkirche in Berlin-Lankwitz (more information can be found at: In the summer of 2019, the Advivia Zimbabwe Community Development Trust was launched in Zimbabwe by the former project manager Sarah Dilling, from Germany and Alington Matsilele, the Zimbabwean project manager. This is now Advivia’s i registered partner organisation locally.

The Advivia Zimbabwe Community Development Trust is an independent association that can enter into further partnerships with charities and is entitled to receive funding.

Advivia gGmbH cooperates with the Trust as part of the school project.


                                                                                                                 The members of the Board of Management: