Zimbabwe Social

Values in Life

The aim of Zimbabwe SOCIAL is to strengthen the children’s personalities and to give them a place of safety and acceptance, where they can learn good values, receive advice and exchange ideas and information.

Young people have many questions and are looking for honest answers. Many of the children in Zimbabwe are also traumatized or left to their own devices through the loss of one or both parents or other misfortunes. AIDS is one of the main causes of this situation and the children themselves are often already affected by the disease. It is therefore important to us to teach them biblical values, through cooperation with Christian organizations, and to support the children so that they can grow into mature individuals who can look positively to the future.

We give support in Christian Bible teaching with the help of the international Bible reading association “Scripture Union”: The people of Zimbabwe are 85% Christian. There are few Bibles in the country, so people do not know how to put faith into practice in everyday life. Scripture Union   has   developed concepts for schools that introduce students to the Christian faith through good Bible teaching   faith.   Furthermore, Scripture Union is committed to the street children in Masvingo. Many children have lost their parents to AIDS and have no one to care for them. Scripture Union runs a house where the children have regular contact to the personnel and can shower and get something to eat. 

Our Targets

Development has to a large extent to do with a change in consciousness. Poverty is not only an economic condition, but is also anchored in people’s minds. For this reason we conduct regular awareness training sessions. These include health education, information on diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hygiene training, family planning, social justice, women’s and human rights, healthy eating and environmental awareness.