It’s Difficult to Learn with an Empty Stomach

As has been reported in the press, southern Africa is threatened by severe drought. In southern Zimbabwe, where Chidzikwe Secondary School is located, no crops have grown. Everything   has dried up.

Teachers and students are hungry! This news reached us in the first half of January, with the start of the new school season. A third of the students were not attending school. Many families can no longer afford to send their children   to school. White maize, the staple food in Zimbabwe, can only be obtained at far too high a price. Everything is incredibly expensive if you only have the domestic currency at your disposal. Every day brings its own challenges. Thankfully we have received donations in this acute   situation. Now, the teachers are carefully considering   which foods to buy for the 1,000 US dollars.

If you can help to meet this need, you can transfer your donation using the reference “Acute help”.

Photo: Silke Flügge