The lockdown is still on!



Cases of Covid-19 have risen slightly to around 300 (officially). Thus, the lockdown remains. Schools are still closed. But the queues at petrol stations and grocery stores are getting longer every day. Buying gasoline is a gamble. Trading from South Africa to Zimbabwe is still taking place, but it is very difficult to obtain even necessities. 

Prices for food in Zimbabwean dollars are rising by the day. Many foodstuffs can only be obtained with US dollars (USD), which is a major problem for the population, which only has have Zimbabwe dollars. A teacher currently receives USD 43 per month. A loaf of bread costs 1 USD. Since salaries are paid in the national currency, it is to be expected that the money will be devalued even more in the coming weeks. As a result, the salary in July could be even less than USD 43. People are starving and are very scared.

Each of the 1,100 food parcels we have distributed so far has helped people to survive. Recently, a distribution campaign was carried out again in rural Masvingo. The teams try to reach as many different families as possible. Such a parcel does not only mean a filled stomach, it also conveys hope. People are firmly in the grip of acute need, because there was no harvest in Zimbabwe this year. The land has dried up. The teams on the groud consider further distribution activities to be urgently needed.  Donations

Photo: Alington Matsilele