Water for the New Vocational Training Centre

The rainy season has begun in Zimbabwe. Before heavy rains occur in southern Zimbabwe, we hope to build a well   in Mushandike. The future training centre will be located there.
In the true sense of the word, we can say: Thank God, more than 5000 € have been collected by generous donors.
A huge drilling machine found a large water source at a depth of 100 metres, which can supply the site in the future. Zimbabwe is located on a high plateau and finding groundwater is always a challenge. Therefore we are very relieved that water was found at the first attempt. This region is one of the driest in the country and soil cultivation always poses a risk because you never know whether there will be enough water to irrigate. This makes it all the more gratifiying that the future well will have a lot of water.

Photo: Alington Matsilele