It Takes Time…


Organising food deliveries means investing a great deal of time. First of all, lists are made of the people who are to receive food. In Harare, the church parishes help to identify the most needy people. Only with the relevant lists and the permits issued by the police is it possible to pass the countless police checkpoints. The wholesalers for the various items such as maize meal, sugar, oil and many other products are scattered about the city. Since the roads are in very poor condition and traffic lights often do not work because of power failures, the large trucks can proceed only slowly. Thus, it takes several days to prepare for a single distribution before it can start.
In the small town of Masvingo, the wholesalers are closer together, so shopping does not take so long. Lists of individual beneficiaries are also needed to obtain the maize meal, which is subsidized by the government. The normal price is 250 bonds, the discounted price 70 bonds. Unlike in the city, the team leader must obtain the approval of regulatory authorities. Again, it takes several days before food distribution can take place.
The joy and gratitude of the recipients give the teams the strength to set out again and again.

Photos: Raymond Zowa