Large food distribution in the countryside and in the city

Harare, 23.04.2020 In the city there are orphanages that were founded by women on their own initiative. One of them, Gogo, has been caring for children for many years. Up to 49 childrenn sleep in the two rooms of her small house. Another 75 children come from the surrounding area to get something to eat. 


Masvingo, 22.04.2020

Today, the two Advivia teams distributed food in the countryside in Mushadike as well as in a suburb of Harare, in Chitungwiza. Families in the villages were visited.

In Harare, a parish of the district was very active in the food distribution. Social workers selected the most needy families, who picked up the food in the church. The joy of the people, mostly of them elderly, was indescribable. In many households there was no food left.

Photos from the Masvingo area with the Zimbabwean leaders, Alington Matsilele and Lee Mthombeni:

Pictures from Chitungwiza, the densely populated area on the outskirts of Harare, with the leaders Sarah Dilling and Raymond Zowa:

Photos: Raymond Zowa

Masvingo, 22.04.2020 Today the truck again rolled out over the unpaved roads in the greater Masvingo area to distribute food in the villages. People from the villages are not allowed to go to the city to shop. Many families have nothing left to eat. 

Harare, 22.04.2020   When collecting the food, many could not believe their good fortune and did not have enough bags with them.