Just before the Lockdown

On 20 March 2020, it was officially announced that the Covid-19 virus had reached Zimbabwe. The population is very worried about becoming sick and not being able to obtain enough food. Zimbabwe is a country without its own food production and the borders with the countries from which food is mainly imported are closed. Moreover, water shortages are a fundamental problem in the country.

Unfortunately, the rain was not sufficient for the cultivated maize to bear fruit in the villages. Thus, the families in the countryside will not be able to feed themselves through their own cultivation, unless a late rain sets in.

Just in time before the lockdown came into force on 30 March, we were able to initiate another large food purchase so that rural families are provided with food essentials, at least for the near future. The coveted maize meal was no longer available at the time of purchase. We fear that further aid will be needed. 

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Reference for donations: “Zimbabwe acute”