A classroom full of sewing machines

Sewing lessons are a very good example of successfully helping people to help themselves. When the school students leave school they have, in addition to the school leaving certificate, also completed dual training as a seamstress or tailor. Video: Sung thank you

Whenb a student paid a visit to her village, we were able to see how promising the training program “Hexo”, which lasts almost 12 months, is. Hexo training programmes were set up by the state because there are virtually no companies in the economy that train young people. Older villagers were also very interested in learning the tailoring trade. Twenty-six men and women took part in a pilot project, which was offered in the afternoons at Chidzikwe School. 

One of these participants is now trying to build a business based on her skills. She designs and sews clothes for women. Since she does not have her own sewing machine, she asks other families in the area who have machines to allow her to do sewing. She proudly showed us her blouses and skirts. 

Because the program has been so successful, another round will start this spring.





Photo: Alington Matsilele