Menstruation Kits for Girls

At Chidzikwe Secondaryschool, the sewing machines are running hot! A new sewing project is underway: Advivia Zimbabwe has sewn the first hygiene aids for girls to use when menstruating. Fifty bags filled with homemade sanitary towels, washcloths, underpants and soap have been created. This allows the school to earn its own money. Four villagers who took part in the tailoring training programme last year were able through this work to earn money that is an enormous help to them at this time.

Once a month things become embarrassing for teenage girls: “Hopefully no one will notice that I have my menstruation!” Cotton sanitary towels are luxury items in Zimbabwe. Girls and women either make do with old rags or do not leave their homes during this time because they do have nothing that they could use as protection. Some girls are well informed about why they bleed, others have no idea. 

Advivia Zimbabwe wants to help in the rural area of Masvingo by providing the menstruation kits and running awareness campaigns so that women and girls gain a better understanding of female health issues. Prevention of and protection from HIV infection will be among the important topics discussed. The Zimbabwean women are thrilled! Your donation can help many girls experience the now dreaded days of the month without worry.

Photo: Lee Mthombeni