Current Projects in Brief


10. 01. 2021 In Zimbabwe is rainy season. It rains almost too much. Everyone hopes and prays that the rain will not destroy the seed. Thanks to the new lockdown, people are again barely able to provide themselves with food. That is why Adviva Zimbabwe plans to carry out further food distribution campaigns. The old people and orphans, who are particularly vulnerable, will be given priority.     


Employment of Sarah Dilling

Sarah Dilling, initiator and leader of the Advivia Zimbabwe project, focuses entirely on building up the development work. She feels called to this task by God and in the meantime she has been able to accomplish a great deal. At the moment, her employment is financed exclusively by donations.




Vocational Training

A planned vocational skills training centre in Mushadike is intended to help young people in the Masvingo area to achieve a self-determined future. One of the focal points will be modern agricultural cultivation. The next generations must adapt to agricultural methods suited to the results of climate change. Other skills such as livestock farming, construction and tailoring crafts are to be included in the program. 

Menstruation Kits for Girls

Advivia Zimbabwe wants to help in the rural area of Masvingo by providing menstruation kits for girls and by running campaigns to raise girls’ and women’s awareness of female health issues. Prevention of and protection from HIV infection will be among the important topics discussed. Hygiene products are luxury goods that few in Zimbabwe can afford. The kits are produced at the Chidzikwe Secondary School.