Preparations for Lifeskill training are well underway

Young people in Zimbabwe are often not prepared for an independent and responsible life in their childhood and adolescence. Responsibility, planning ahead, setting goals, dealing with money, ethical and Christian values are some of the topics that play a major role in lifeskill training. If Zimbabwe is to one day allow many people to live a self-determined life, it needs strong personalities who want to build something up and are able to deal actively with problems. Advivia sees a great need for action here. When a local team is trained, contact is made with schools and villages in the Masvingo area to make themselves known. Obtaining permits from the authorities and village elders will take some time. We have already informed about the training area for girls in an article. If everything goes according to plan, a first training session will be held this summer. Sarah Dilling sent a short voice message on her blog.